News August 2014

Ewig Frost @ Sauzipf Rocks

We found a replacment for Anstalt! Ewig Frost plays on Sunday at 01:45 am.

Ewig Frost AUT

Ewig Frost

Metal/Punk/Rock'n'Roll video web facebook

To get in the mood!

Running Order


17:00 S.N.F.U
18:15 A Great River In The Sky
19:30 Power
20:45 Anti-Corpos
21:45 Wedge
23:00 Church Of Misery
00:30 Monomyth


15:00 Boozehounds Of Hell
16:15 Franz Fuexe
17:30 Yussuf Jerusalem
18:45 Half Girl
19:45 Jack Frost
21:00 The Wandering Midget 
22:30 Satan 
00:15 Aqua Nebula Oscillator
01:45 Ewig Frost

Seven That Spells (CRO) - Warm Up Party

Seven That Spells plays at the Warm Up Party @ Bergwerk Millstatt! They will perform their exquisite Psychedelic Rock, as you can see in the  video below!

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