News August 2012

Sertycon & Lesson to be learned

The Sauzipf Rocks lineup is complete! Our local heros Sertycon (Millstatt) and Lesson to be learned (Döbriach) entered the lineup.


Lesson to be learned:

Tickets at Vienna Jugendinfo are sold out!

There are no more tickets left at wienXtra-Jugendinfo (Vienna), outside from Carinthia you can get your Sauzipf Rocks tickets only at Ö-Ticket stores or online at

In Carinthia there are some tickets left at Trafik Unterweger (Döbriach) and Bergwerk Millstatt.
Attention: Pre sale tickets can only be bought until Thursday, 9th of August!

Get your tickets now:

Freddie Red enters the lineup!

Who the fuck is Freddie Red? Check

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