Sauzipf Rocks 2019 is over!

THANKS to all who visited us. THANKS to the bands for the great gigs! Last but not least: THANKS to our visitors for the good cooperation with our Ground Control and for clearing up their garbage of the campsite!
THANKS to our Saucurity and THANKS to our great photographer who did a great job!
See ya next year - Rock on!
Your Sauzipf Crew

Sauzipf Rooocks - important infos

Important infos for the weekend

Our Ground Control (consisting of volunteers) is back at the campsite to assist you in keeping the campsite clean. Together with you campers we want to manage this year again, to leave the campsite as clean as you found it before the festival.

The camping site expected to open on Thursday, 08th August, 2019 at 5pm and you can use it for free if you have a valid Sauzipf Rocks ticket and wrist band!

Limited caravan space

Please bring the confirmation e-mail to the festival with you.. The campsite is only accessible with a valid festival ticket. If you miss the deadline, you'll have to park your bus at the usual parking area. NO CAMPING IS ALLOWED THERE!

Tickets: Pre sale stops on Thursday, 08th August, at 2 pm! The box office opens on Friday, 9th August, at 2 pm.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate and ask our SAUCURITY TEAM.

Last band announcement: ROTOR (GER)

We have one last announcement for you. PLS welcome the allmighty ROTOR from Berlin in our line-up!

In Punk we trust - Missstand plays Sauzipf Rocks Festival

Our last or maybe not

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