Welcome Madog and Franz Fuexe

Band announcement
Madog (AUT) and FRANZ FUEXE (AUT) will return to Sauzipf once again.
Madog are well known in the Carinthian Metal scene and Franz Fuexe come back with a new album.

Support your local mommas - welcome Vu Garde (AUT)

Dear Sauzipfrockers,

the next band in our line-up for this year´s Sauzipf Rocks Edition is Vu Garde from Klagenfurt/Carinthia. The trio around frontwoman Mela will play a heavy Rock show with some Blues aspects.

Ouzo Bazooka plays SZR

It's time for another band announcement!
OUZO BAZOOKA - east meets west
It is a pleasure to present you today's line-up announcement. Ouzo Bazooka from Tel Aviv will stop at Sauzipf Rocks Festival this August.

Two more bands for this years SZR

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We present you two new bands for this years Sauzipf Rocks edition. It´s gonna be wild!
Let us introduce: The Moo-rays (ITA) and King Salami & the Cumberland 3 (UK).
Rock´n´Roll at its best!!

The Moo-rays:

King Salami & The Cumberland 3:

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