Presale @ Black.Werk - Vienna

Vienna calling!
From today on you can buy the festivalticket at Blackwerk, Annagasse 5 - 1010 Wien. 24€ and you´re part of the gam... festival!
open: WED-SAT 1 pm

New band announcement: Hen Grenade (AUT)

It´s time for a new band announcement!
This year we will ignite the HEN GRENADE!! Be aware because a full dose of Cock Rock will detonate on the grounds of Sauzipf!!

info: or


Limited Caravan space

If you wanna have one of our 25 parking spaces for minivans/minibusses (NO CARS!) at our camping area, please send an e-mail

Your e-mail should include: NAME, VEHICLE TYPE, LISCENCE PLATE and your DAY OF ARRIVAL.

DEADLINE: 02.08.2019

All infos here:

Welcome Dead Witches (UK) @ Sauzipf Rocks Festival

Band announcement: Dead Witches (UK) plays Sauzipf Rocks Festival
"Haunting vocals, heavy riffs, fuzzed bass, savage drumming. Dead Witches will take you to another world, a world of darkness."

Come and dance with the dead on earth!

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