You'll find below the Sauzipf Rocks 2014 lineup, if want to see more about our previous events, you can find it temporarly on our old website.

Lineup 2014

Bands Videos Running Order

Satan // Church Of Misery // The Wandering Midget // Monomyth // Half Girl // Yussuf Jerusalem // Aqua Nebula Oscillator // Wedge // SNFU // Anti-Corpos // Jack Frost // Power // Franz Fuexe // Boozehounds Of Hell // A Great River In The Sky // Ewig Frost

Running Order subject to change


17:00 S.N.F.U
18:15 A Great River In The Sky
19:30 Power
20:45 Anti-Corpos
21:45 Wedge
23:00 Church Of Misery
00:30 Monomyth


15:00 Boozehounds Of Hell
16:15 Franz Fuexe
17:30 Yussuf Jerusalem
18:45 Half Girl
19:45 Jack Frost
21:00 The Wandering Midget 
22:30 Satan 
00:15 Aqua Nebula Oscillator
01:45 Ewig Frost


Satan UK


New-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal video web facebook

Church Of Misery JAP

Church Of Misery

Doom Metal video web facebook

The Wandering Midget FIN

The Wandering Midget

Doom Metal video facebook

Monomyth NL


Stoner/Kraut/Drone video web facebook

Half Girl GER

Half Girl

Berlins unheimlichste All Girl Super Group video facebook

Yussuf Jerusalem FR

Yussuf Jerusalem

DON´T TRY TO LABEL THEM! video web facebook

Aqua Nebula Oscillator FR

Aqua Nebula Oscillator

The French Punkadelic Occult Rock Band video facebook

Wedge GER


Vintage Rock´n´Roll video web facebook



Punk since 1981 video facebook

Anti-Corpos BRA


Hardcore video web facebook

Jack Frost AUT

Jack Frost

Gloom Rock video facebook

Power GER


Punk video web facebook

Franz Fuexe AUT

Franz Fuexe

Punk/Grind video facebook

Boozehounds Of Hell AUT

Boozehounds Of Hell

Booze Rock from Hell video web facebook

A Great River In The Sky AUT

A Great River In The Sky

psychedelic/fuzz/progressive video

Ewig Frost AUT

Ewig Frost

Metal/Punk/Rock'n'Roll video web facebook

Warm Up Party 07.08.

The Atomic Bitchwax US

The Atomic Bitchwax

Riff Rock video web facebook

Seven That Spells CRO

Seven That Spells

Psychedelic video web facebook


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