Frequently Asked Questions

ATTENTION: Limited number of tickets! According to the law for the protection of children and youth we don’t serve alcoholic beverages to youth under the age of 16. We provide entrance wristbands graded according to age. Please keep your ID on hand!

Note: By purchasing a ticket, you agree that we can take photos for advertising purposes. If you discover a picture you want to be removed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can find the current ticket prices at the actual event page. 

… are including in our ticket fee. Our SAUCURITY team will help you find an adequate parking space. It’s not allowed to park at the camp site (exception: previously declared spaces for minibusses/minivans) – please attend to our SAUCURITY’s instructions.

Our camp site is open to each Sauzipf visitor with a valid ticket resp. wristband, beginning Thursday evening.

You can find more infos about the camp site and the limited space for caravans here: Camping & Parking

At our directions page you’ll find some information about how to get to the Sauzipf Rocks Festival area.

Bons (vouchers) are the means of payment for food and drinks at Sauzipf. You can get them at the BONSAW (enter and turn left) in exchange for euros. One bon costs 0,50€. The prices of the various delicacies are listed at the BONSAW and at our booths. You cannot change back bons to euros, so please spend them at the Sauzipf!

Half a litre freshly drawn beer costs 4,5€, resp. 9 bons (free for garbage collectors => see topic Garbage & Environment), plus onetime 2€ (4 bons) cup deposit for environmentally friendly, colourful multi-way cups – that gives 13 bons nice and round. The deposit fee will be refunded if you return your empty cup. Only undamaged, not written on cups will be accepted.


Please support our coping with the bulks of garbage and put your waste into the present containers! There is a separate container for aluminium cans at the camp site. The SAUZIPF-CREW really has other preferences in summer than collecting garbage for hours and hours. And also the bees will thank you for not setting up half-full beer cans as deadly traps for them… 

There always is a rash of draught beer, wine, liquors and non-alcoholic refreshments. On Saturday morning we also prepare breakfast. Go get to the bar!

At our exclusive vegan booth you get herbal only delicacies! Tasty steak sandwiches, chili, muffins and more – due to respect for animals without meat, eggs, dairy produce, etc.

At  our exclusive barbecue booth you get bratwurst, meat and barbecued vegetables, etc. from local production.

You can expect an extravagant mix of Rock, Punk & Metal!

Certainly, we know how much fun it is to go hog wild when there is a wicked band playing on stage. But please: the loudspeakers are your line. Please don’t interfere with the musicians and don’t stay on stage for more than 5 seconds when stage diving. And when you see somebody slipping to the ground in the razzle-dazzle – help him_her up!

The pandemonium at Sauzipf can be too much for your ears at times. If that is the case, get a pair of earplugs at the BONSAW. The sound level is also harmful to the health of non-human animals. Please be considerate of this and don’t bring along your four-legged companions!

Younger siblings or Granny and Gramps are welcome to stop by our festival in order to view the spectacle (for a short and costless visit). The SAUZIPF-CREW is happy to give the quite young an understanding of rock music culture and to invite the elderly to get an idea of us and our festival. Thus: bring’em along! Please just briefly give a word to the KASSA (box office).

You are not allowed to bring with you to our site: glass items, fireworks and other highly flammable or explosive substances, as well as weapons.

The nearest cash machine is in the center of the village, appr. 300 metres from the Sauzipf site. Within 5 minutes walking distance from the center there is a Spar supermarket open all day on weekdays and also on Sundays and public holidays (with a lunch break from 1 to 3 p.m.).

To the lakeside it takes 2 minutes with and 20 minutes without a car. With alcohol in your bloodstream you better take a beer in your hand and stroll alongside Glanzerstraße or Seestraße until you reach one of the beautiful bathing beaches (Burgstaller, Ferndorfer, Sittlinger, Tschinder, Parkbad)…