Rosalie Cunningham
Rosalie Cunningham 871 1024 Sauzipf Rocks

You know her as the front woman of Purson, but in the meantime Rosalie Cunningham is on the road with her first solo album and will also attend us to…

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La Muerte
La Muerte 712 714 Sauzipf Rocks

People, it’s time. We start with the first band announcement for the Sauzipf 2020. LA MUERTE from Belgium are a bizarre Rock’N’Roll perversion ranging from Punk to New Wave to Industrial.…

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We say THANK YOU! 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

Sauzipf Rocks 2019 is over! THANKS to all who visited us. THANKS to the bands for the great gigs! Last but not least: THANKS to our visitors for the good…

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Sauzipf Rooocks – important infos
Sauzipf Rooocks – important infos 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

Important infos for the weekend Our Ground Control (consisting of volunteers) is back at the campsite to assist you in keeping the campsite clean. Together with you campers we want…

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Last band announcement: ROTOR (GER)
Last band announcement: ROTOR (GER) 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

We have one last announcement for you. PLS welcome the allmighty ROTOR from Berlin in our line-up!

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In Punk we trust – Missstand plays Sauzipf Rocks Festival
In Punk we trust – Missstand plays Sauzipf Rocks Festival 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

Our last or maybe not

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Presale @ In and Out Records Graz
Presale @ In and Out Records Graz 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

Go to In and out Records – Neutorgasse 7, 8010 Graz – and buy one of this beautiful presale ticket!

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Presale @ Black.Werk – Vienna
Presale @ Black.Werk – Vienna 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

Vienna calling! From today on you can buy the festivalticket at Blackwerk, Annagasse 5 – 1010 Wien. 24€ and you´re part of the gam… festival! open: WED-SAT 1 pm

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New band announcement: Hen Grenade (AUT)
New band announcement: Hen Grenade (AUT) 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

It´s time for a new band announcement! This year we will ignite the HEN GRENADE!! Be aware because a full dose of Cock Rock will detonate on the grounds of…

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Limited Caravan space
Limited Caravan space 150 150 Sauzipf Rocks

If you wanna have one of our 25 parking spaces for minivans/minibusses (NO CARS!) at our camping area, please send an e-mail Your e-mail should include: NAME, VEHICLE TYPE,…

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