Acid King
SAUZIPF ROCKS XIX 886 886 Sauzipf Rocks

Dear people. In 2023 there will finally be a Sauzipf again.  18 & 19 AUGUST 2023 And to celebrate the news properly, we immediately ignite the first rocket. ***First band…

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No Sauzipf Rocks in 2021
No Sauzipf Rocks in 2021 1024 896 Sauzipf Rocks

Dear Sauzipf Rockers! Many of you have probably expected that this year we´ll not be able to hold a Sauzipf Rocks Festival edition. Hopefully we´ll see us in 2022 for…

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Cancellation of Sauzipf Rocks Festival
Cancellation of Sauzipf Rocks Festival 1024 683 Sauzipf Rocks

Dear Sauzipfrockers! Unfortunately we have to inform you that due to the Corona Virus we have to cancel the Sauzipf 2020. But without any discouragement we are working on a…

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Ticket sales are paused
Ticket sales are paused 792 792 Sauzipf Rocks

Dear Pigcocks! The Austrian government has extended the ban on events until 31 August 2020. In mid-May there will be more details for festivals the Sauzipf-size. We are currently discussing…

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Ryte 720 718 Sauzipf Rocks

NO WORDS / JUST SOUND Welcome Ryte from Vienna to our line-up.

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Presale started
Presale started 720 718 Sauzipf Rocks

From today on you can buy our tickets via Ö-Ticket ( Day ticket: 19 € Festival Pass: 29 € We would like to apologize in advance for the sales tax…

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Svetlanas 718 720 Sauzipf Rocks

When the SVETLANAS are not getting drunk with Nick Oliveri, they travel the world. Cast out by Mother Russia, singer Olga has made it her business to penetrate everything and…

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Heckspoiler 720 714 Sauzipf Rocks

Drum and Bass at Sauzipf? Hell yeah! We bring HECKSPOILER, the elemental force from Upper Austria, to Döbriach!! King Tom Gun and his partner in crime Zlatko San not only define…

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Coogans Bluff
Coogans Bluff 720 720 Sauzipf Rocks

Coogans Bluff offer us another musical outpouring. The Berliners shoot faster than their shadows and hand out grazing shots to generes that reach far beyond Kraut and Stoner. Funk|Punk|Junk|Psychedelic|Soul|Prog or something…

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Nekrodeus 720 720 Sauzipf Rocks

First we’ll get Nekrodeus on stage and then we’ll take your guts out. With dignified sludgeness and tempos beyond 180 BPM, they’ll rip your heart out and fill it with BLACK…

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