Sauzipf Rocks 2023 is over!
Sauzipf Rocks 2023 is over! 1024 724 Sauzipf Rocks

THANKS to all who visited us. THANKS to the bands for the great gigs! THANKS to our Saucurity and THANKS to our great photographer who did a great job! Last…

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Running Order
Running Order 724 1024 Sauzipf Rocks

The Running Order is complete! Now go get your Tickets as long as they are available.

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Artwork 2023
Artwork 2023 841 841 Sauzipf Rocks

We proudly present the SAUZIPF ROCKS FESTIVAL 2023 Poster and Artwork! Of course from no one other than Mr Hannes Benedikter himself. So get ready for amazing Merchandise!   Please don’t…

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Hardtickets and Camping
Hardtickets and Camping 1024 1024 Sauzipf Rocks

Festival pass(2 days) is now available as Hardticket with Exclusive Artwork!   Look HERE where to get them. Also infos for Camping and Parking is now up-to-date.  You can and should…

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NEWS NEWS NEWS… 1024 896 Sauzipf Rocks

The Bands Les Lekin and Hella Comet will be with us this year!       GO GO GO get TICKETS!! 

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OvO 800 800 Sauzipf Rocks

SAUZIPFROCKS XIX 18 & 19 AUGUST 2023   BAND ANNOUNCEMENT:   OvO, this year with us! With the finest Noise Rock and a heavy important message.  Let me quote their…

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OPIUM MASALA 1024 1024 Sauzipf Rocks

SAUZIPFROCKS XIX 18 & 19 AUGUST 2023   BAND ANNOUNCEMENT:   What’s that freakin sound?? Of course it´s Opium Masala from Graz Austria. It´s like a taste explosion of the…

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Here’s Johnny & The Rotten
Here’s Johnny & The Rotten 1024 1024 Sauzipf Rocks

Let’s continue the lineup. Johnny & The Rotten from Linz with Heavy Psychodelic Grage Rock at SAUZIPF 19. Come get some! GO GO GO get TICKETS!! 

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Lurch 960 960 Sauzipf Rocks

No party without Lurch! The full Heavy Psych slap from Vienna will make us dance this year! We are sooo looking forward to it! GO GO GO get some TICKETS!! 

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New Band Announcement
New Band Announcement 960 960 Sauzipf Rocks

This year Death-Metal legends DisharmonicOrchestra will be with us! They will also have brand new songs for you. SO GO AND GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! 

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