Dear band! Dear musicians! Dear bookers!

Due to the high number of requests we decided to stick to the following procedure, without exception.

  1. Band applications for our festival are only accepted via our booking address
    Any additional, specified address on our website does not serve our communication with bands. Requests put to this addresses won't be answered and won't be forwarded.
  2. You'll get an automated email response, this reply means your application has been noticed. No more, no less.
    It does not mean you will get some further answer, in case you will not be considered for our line-up. Sorry, but because of our limited capacities we are not able to do that! On the other hand this reply also does not mean you automatically entered our line-up. That is why there is no use for 37 requests. They only will lead to this answer again.
  3. If you are in addition considered for the shortlist of the eventual line-up for the Sauzipf Rocks Festival, a member of the Band Committee will contact you.
    So please remember: Indulge us and wait for an answer, because sending everything a dozen times won't bring any results and just challenge our capacities. If you go well with Sauzipf, if you appeal to the Band Committee, we will get in touch with you!

We have very rigid criteria referring to the choice of bands, we have hot debates and take the line-up very serious. And what's more, the Sauzipf Rocks Festival only lasts for one weekend and not a fortnight.

On that note - ROCK!
The Sow of Sauzipf