Long live Sauzipf Rocks 2018

Dear Sauzipfrockers!

At the beginning of the year we have some bad news for you: there will be no Sauzipf Rocks Festival in 2017. This decision was not easy for us and we would like to thank you for your support so far!

See ya in 2018!
And don´t forget: Never stop to rock!
Sauzipf Crew

last band: Juke Joint Pimps

"The Juke Joint Pimps ...are gonna boogie your house down!

They sound "black" enough to cater to a traditional blues audience while being so wild, loud and raw that the punk rockers and garage freaks dig them just as much. And they're really truckloads of fun to watch!"


"KRPL are a heavy rocking instrumental trio from Graz.
Their sound is a mixture of stoner rock, doom, metal, psychedelic and lots of raw power!"

Earth Ship

It´s time for one of our last announcement: with their powerful groovy riffs Earth Ship land on the fields of Sauzipf Rocks Festival. Be prepared!

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